Chinatown-Japan Festival-Lynn Julian-Kimono

Chinatown Boston

The Asian neighborhood of Chinatown, in Boston, Massachusetts, offers some of the finest Chinese food dining, Chinese shopping and hotels in the country. Of course, intimate setting features some of the most beautiful, and oldest, buildings, and residents, in Boston. As one would assume, many of the local residents are of Chinese origin and the native language flourishes here. Additionally, the most famous parks in Boston are only blocks away too: Boston Common and Boston Public Garden.


Chinatown Restaurants, Chinatown Hotels, Chinatown Shopping


Some of the top restaurants in Chinatown include: Gourmet Dumpling House, Shojo, Shabu Zen, Taiwan Café, China King, Ho Yuen Bakery and Wai Wai. Locally owned “Mom and Pop” shops are scattered amongst the Asian dining fare. Of course, they feature many of the most popular Chinese clothing, groceries and jewelry. Finally, out of town visitors can also treat themselves to some of the top hotels in Massachusetts. The most popular hotels near Chinatown Boston include:  The Langham, The Omni Parker House, Hilton Boston Downtown, The Taj, The Hyatt Regency Boston and the Revere.


Boston offers tourists many options to learn about this historical city: Duck Tours, walking tours, and bus tours. So, whether you’re shopping or dining in Boston, or on a business trip or vacation at one of Massachusett’s best hotels, you are sure to find something to please every member of the family. Additionally, don’t forget to visit the nearby neighborhoods of Beacon Hill and and Back Bay!





Japan Festival-Lynn Julian-Kimono
Boston’s annual “Japan Festival,” features a window into Japanese culture. Here, attendee, Lynn Julian, tries on a Kimono.